Expat Transportation Services

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Singapore having an excellent and satisfactory transportation service makes travellers easily get around the place and visit different places and areas without any inconvenience. It is also very fortunate for travellers that public transport is available at a place like Singapore because owning private cars and vehicles is not easily affordable for each of them.

 Even if you buy a car here you have to pay twice, firstly for an entitlement certificate when you get a car for yourself and secondly for electronic road pricing charges because you drive it on Singaporean roads. Fortunately, public transport has many options here such as buses, public taxis and also MRT railways. even after knowing and getting this one you are fond of cars you can find it on different websites all from the car till its charges for ex-pats. Even there are reviews mentioned on several websites from where you can avail expat transportation services.

MRT railways and buses

Expat transportation service serves one of the best railways and buses in Singapore. Very firstly one needs to get an EZLink card. These sorts of cards are used to get in railways and buses. Surprisingly you can use such cards for your meal bills payment and also for libraries, isn’t it interesting? You have the facility to recharge your EZLink cards at railway stations at value addition machines and even customer counters also. Some websites here provide the fare details and routes of MRT railways and the details include fare prices, routes, stops, and also timings of departure and arrivals. In case if you miss your decided bus or railways, you can also get information about another railway or train going to the same route at some websites.


Taxis are in plenty of numbers in Singapore and are available for the customer very easily even with affordable fares. Though it gets a little hectic at shifting changing times, rush hours, and rainy days. Even though fares are increasing day by day they are less than US, Japan, and Europe, but expensive when compared with fares in the Philippines and Malaysia. Here largest surcharge is at midnight times also called midnight surcharge this is the time when fares are increased by 50% till 6 AM. Then premium which is 35% is from 7 AM till 9:30 AM except for weekends that is Saturday and Sunday and also from 5 PM till 8PM except for Sunday. In Singapore, the most famous company of taxi is Comfort which provides plenty of options for booking a convenient and affordable taxi. At present times Comfort taxis can be even booked by message service. You can also find Mercedes limousine taxis running on streets and also have a taxi stand and costs approximately similar to regular cabs.