SUDS Auditions: A View of Concrete (Slot 4)

SUDS Auditions: A View of Concrete (Slot 4)

A View of Concrete
by Gareth Ellis

Performance Dates: 27 April – 7 May, 2016
Audition Dates: 8 March – 18 March

The parks are now multiplex cinemas and the trees are phone boxes. Politicians are out campaigning against gum trees and possums. The wildlife is dying and the clouds are turning orange. It’s an almost fantasy world: a parallel universe. You can’t see the stars any more, just taller buildings.

Written in 2003 by Victorian playwright Gareth Ellis, A View of Concrete won the Wal Cherry Best Unproduced Play of the Year Award (2004), and has since been performed at the Malthouse Theatre and Downstairs Belvoir.

The full script is available at, with a library subscription.


BILLY: Friends with Jacquie. She wants to be a fairy and live inside the jacaranda tree.
JACQUIE: Billy’s friend. She is worried about corruption among the major corporations.
JAMES: Jacquie’s boyfriend. He is suspicious that his neighbour may be planning a terrorist attack.
NEIL: A drug dealer. He hates knowing the titles of the books he reads.


Please prepare a 1-3 minute contemporary monologue of your choice. It does not have to be from the play, although two monologues from the play are available here:

Monologues do not need to be learned by heart, though you should be prepared to respond to direction in the moment, with a sense of freedom and play.

Once you have submitted your form, you should receive an email with your exact audition time within 24 hours. Auditions will be run individually for approximately 10 minutes. Call backs may be scheduled on Thursday 17th or Friday 18th of March.

Audition Form:

CONTENT WARNING: A View of Concrete contains needles and drug use, described and depicted violence, references to rape and sexual assault, references to animal death and suicide, references to eating disorders and mental illness.

If you have any concerns about the content of this play and how it will be handled in rehearsals, please do not hesitate to contact the director (Tabitha: / 0400276606).


The A View of Concrete team is also taking Expressions of Interest for the following roles: Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, Stage Manager, Dramaturg. If this sounds like something you could do, please email Tabitha ( to set up a meeting. No experience needed!