CNC Parts’ Customised Machining for Your Needs

CNC stands for a manufacturing process in which the movement of tools and machine tools is controlled by preprogrammed software at the factory.

With custom CNC parts machining, you can control various indoor machines such as grinders, milling machines, and milling machines. Suitable for processing various materials such as metal, wood, plastic, and glass.

CNC machining process:

  • The first step in CNC machining is to design the product data using CAD software. 3D drawings allow you to determine the dimensions and attributes of the model.
  • Their CNC machines are equipped with CAD-CAM software packages capable of executing the same programs one after the other. CAM refers to software for automation equipment. If you are using non-CAD software, the CAD file must be imported before the CAD software prepares the model for the manufacturing process.
  • The CAM software checks for model errors and creates an NC program to make the product if the model is correct.
  • The created program directs and controls the movement of the machine in a real production process.
  • Their skilled engineers and technicians know that selecting the right parameters is essential to produce high-quality products. The voltage, cutting speed, and speed settings vary depending on the shape of the product and the machine and tool used.
  • The software also determines the placement and alignment of parts based on the raw materials used. This installation process maximizes the amount of material and reduces waste.
  • All this information is then encrypted to read the instructions and produce exactly what it wants.
  • Their CNC machines are fully automated and only require digital files containing cutting and machining instructions and meeting company specifications. Eko Industries experienced team ensures the 3D model is error-free and uses the correct product parameters to ensure the required parts are produced accurately.

A type of software that supports CNC machining

CNC machines use software applications to ensure the accuracy of the final product. These software applications can optimize design, reduce errors and reduce manufacturing costs. Commonly used CNC machining software applications:

Computer-aided design programs are used to create 2D CAD vector graphics and 3D graphics. You can determine the best performance for custom CNC parts, simulate a product without a real prototype, and enter the necessary data to the manufacturer. CAM software for automatic production.

Their experienced engineers have experience programming CNC machines for complex tasks like removing component layers and cutting custom 3D products. Contact them to find out how their high-precision CNC machine manufacturers can meet your needs.

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