Nasi lemak Restaurant, The Most Popular Place

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Nasi lemak is one of the most famous and most preferable dishes of Malaysia. It is a special dish that consists of rice which is cooked with the help of coconut milk which is served with other food items like cucumbers, anchovies, boiled eggs, and peanuts and rounded with a special paste of chilly that is called sambal. Before, it was called the best breakfast, but with time and other items, it became a dish that can be eaten at any time and more only as a breakfast.

The popularity of this dish has been increasing day by day since the 1980 s. It was mostly consumed by the farmers in earlier times but now it is available in every street vendor shop. As the popularity increases, so does the variation in this dish. People started adding items according to their choices and tastes. It is served in a banana leaf and is generally hot.

There are many nasi lemak restaurant available, which serve the best nasi lemak. You can get various types of this dish now, earlier there was not much variation available,but today every restaurant sells it in their way. 

Types of nasi lemak:

  • NasiDagang
  • NasiBriyani
  • NasiMinyak
  • Nasi Tomato
  • NasiAyam
  • NasiCampur
  • NasiKandar

With the changing time, this dish has become very popular, and everyone has got their type of nasi Lemak to offer you.

Why is Nasi Lemak so famous?

The only reason it is so popular and famous is the flavour which comes in it because of cooking the rice in the pandan leaves. The actual taste and flavour are in the rice; the price is made within the account milk, making it full of flavour and smells very delicious. It is very famous in many places, but some also prefer not to eat more as it is not healthy and the reason is the number of vegetables added to it. In this, just a few cucumbers are added, which will not give much fibre to the body.

Today it has become so popular that you can get this in every place and special nasi lemak restaurants are also there which provide the best. You can order it from anywhere because everything is online now. Order it anytime, the delivery will be at your doorstep, and you can do the payments either online or in cash. If you have not yet tried this, order today and enjoy your nasi lemak dish.