About Us

SUDS, Australia’s oldest continually-running theatre company, produces at least twelve shows a year in our on-campus venue, the Cellar Theatre. We also produce one Major production off campus, contribute extensively to the University of Sydney Union’s Verge Festival, and provide funding for our members to take work to venues off-campus and around the country.

Every show SUDS programs is determined by our members, who currently number at around 350. They direct, produce, act in, design and even occasionally write the shows you get to see. These are proposed for and voted on at our fortnightly General Meetings.

There’s no one kind of work that SUDS produces — genres, styles and forms vary wildly.

SUDS runs a number of programs throughout the year including classes and workshops for anyone who is interested in acting, writing, directing, designing, teching, producing and more! These are for anyone and everyone, no matter how much or how little experience you have. Our programs are generally run by experienced members of SUDS, as well as special guests who regularly come in to share their wisdom with us. Get in contact with an executive member to find out about any of our programs.

We also have a very full and exciting social program, including parties, Rough Cut Nights, dinners and more.

Sound like something you want to get involved in? Head on over to our How To Join page to find out more!