The Exec

The SUDS Executive keeps the society up and running year after year. They liaise with the University of Sydney Union, coordinate SUDS events and programs, manage funding and maintain the Cellar Theatre. Exec members are passionate about the society and serve to aid members. If you are interested in proposing a show or anything else then The Executive is more than happy to provide advice and support. Contact them through email, Facebook or talk to them at General Meetings. Exec meetings are held fortnightly (alternating with General Meetings) on Wednesday at 1pm and are open to all members.



President: Keshini De Mel

Vice-President: Jess Zlotnick

Secretary: Maddy Ghandi

Treasurer: Jane Hughes

Publicity Officers: Perri Roach & Caitlin Williams

Social Secretaries: Danni Jones & Helena Parker

Cellar Officers: Max Melzer & Harry Winsome

Archivist: Noa Zulman

Ethnocultural Artistic Liason: Ann Ding