OWeek 2014: It was Wilde

OWeek 2014: It was Wilde

Keeping with her theme over the past few years of being an unpredictable hellcat,    Mother Nature endeavoured to confuse,  and frustrate at OWeek. It sweltered, so we prayed for rain. Then it rained, our showbags turned to mulch, and we didn’t much know what we wanted anymore.

But true to form, SUDS members braved the elements with impressive style. You stuck your heads in Oscar Wilde Face Holes, with a conviction that said “I don’t even care where this has been”. Open Rehearsals were a great success, with attendees of warm-ups and improv games dripping with sweat and enthusiasm. Much Ado About Nothing director Caitlin West even walked away with a new cast member, Maree Raad!

Then muffins and scriptural accuracy were hurled to the wind in the much anticipated resurrection of The Importance of Being Ernest. Magpies and mates gathered under the Quadrangle’s Jacaranda Tree  for a feast of delicious wordplay, delivered by some of the society’s veteran lingerers. Sunburnt, we then rolled on to the Roxbury Hotel for MUDS Trivia Night (a haphazard acronym for the previously neglected lovechild of the Musical Theatre and Drama society). With the exception of Zach Beavon-Collin’s rendition of ‘The Circle of Life’ (sung with lyrics from a gynaecology handbook) not much is remembered, a testament to the night being a resounding success.

The final day saw the return of SUDS alumni-cum-success in the real world, Kip Williams. The director of the Sydney Theatre Company’s production of Romeo & Juliet ran an engaging, and practical workshop with some select Hamlet cast members. Rhythms were emphasised, the language of poetic gesture gestured at, and after an hour and half SUDS members left with some tremendously useful insights, for which we’re unreservedly grateful.

Then, we danced. For those who were unable to make our Introductory Friendly Spectacular with LitSoc, a blurred and debaucherous evening was had by all. Drink vouchers were in rich supply, and rumour has it UTS Backstage President (Madeline Clouston) beat SUDS President (Patrick Morrow) in a game of Street Fighter II. It was a sensational evening to round off a sensational week. With over 300 of you signed up and ready to celebrate, we couldn’t be happier.