John Bell Masterclass

John Bell Masterclass

JohnBellposter (1)“It was forty years ago, to the week, when I first saw John Bell on stage, at the Wallace Theatre, at Sydney University. I witnessed a thin pale nervous boy I knew from tutorials transformed into this arresting heroic presence, and I felt, even then, history moving.”
– Bob Ellis, October 8 2013. 

“I don’t know how VIP this person is.”
– Sally, Campus Assist 2014

John Bell AO (Artistic Director: Bell Shakespeare), Australia’s Shakespearean sweetheart returns to SUDS this month, the place where it all began. In a Masterclass presented by SUDS and the 2014 Major: Hamlet, Bell will spend three hours (or as long as it takes) to teach us all how to live and breathe Shakespeare.

Following the success of Kip Williams’ acclaimed O-Week Masterclass, Mr. Bell will lead the actors of SUDS Hamlet in his own approach to Shakespearean texts, language, and performance, open for all to watch and ask questions of the man himself.

The three-hour session (including breaks on each hour for people to come/go) will be formatted as thus:
A discussion of Shakespeare, and work-shopping Shakespeare broadly in a theatre environment

An in-depth discussion on the best and most inspiring soliloquies from Hamlet, focused on developing the language and speech of the pieces (3-4pm),

Some light scene work on character interactions in the more comedic scenes

An open question and answer session for YOU to impress John Bell with your meticulously worded questions.

Join us at 2:00pm at Studio B, Holme Building, Thursday May 8 as we all are on our best behaviour trying to show-off to one of Australian theatre’s greats. It will undoubtedly be an experience not to miss for lovers of Shakespeare, Bell, and Theatre.

To find out more about the SUDS Major production, keep up to dates on the SUDS Hamlet facebook page: