SUDS Slot 3: Creative Callout

SUDS Slot 3: Creative Callout


SUDS’ Slot 3 for 2016 is going to be a rad mix of original student work (both written and devised) and established works. It’s a double bill with two shows over two weeks. Each show is made up of a multitude of 5-10min scenes pieced together under an overarching theme.

Our two themes are SILENCE and NOISE. One theme for each week.


Do you write things? Do you want to write things? Do you make things like dance/art/music and want to be a part of the SUDS community?

Slot 3 is all about giving it a go and making something beautiful, so we want YOU to get writing and devising!

This year’s themes will be SILENCE and NOISE – use either or both of these words as inspiration for an original piece. Don’t be afraid to make something wacky, experimental, fun, sad, not-theatre-at-all: we’re looking for different mediums and out-of-the-box inspiration from anywhere and everywhere!

Please send ideas, pitches, and works to before the 7th of March (start of week 2)! Please submit as many pieces as you like – once applications have closed you will have the opportunity to work on your pieces in our writers’ workshops run within SUDS.


If you’re a director or you’re interested in directing a piece for the first time, Slot 3 is the perfect slot to do so!

There are two ways you can get involved:
1. Give us your name by contacting either Sarah Graham and Ang Collins at saying you’d be mighty keen to direct something!
2. If you’re passionate about directing a piece in particular that you think is inspired by the themes SILENCE or NOISE, shoot us a message (Sarah or Ang, and attach a small blurb about what piece you’re looking to direct and why you think it’s relevant to the themes!
3. You can definitely pitch more than one scene!

Applications close on the 7th of March. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask!

Interested in directing, acting or tech? Watch out for other callout events and auditions!