2014 Major Production: Hamlet


Hamlet: Travis Ash
Claudius: Ian Ferrington
Gertrude: Caitlin West
Polonius: Jack Mitchell
Ophelia: Tess Green
Laertes: Charlie Jones
Horatio: Max Baume
Ghost | Player Ensemble: Sean Marshall
Player Ensemble: William Poulos
Player Ensemble: Emily Baird
Player Ensemble: Swetha Das
Player Ensemble | Gravedigger: Eliza Westbrook
Player Ensemble | Marcellus: Alex Tighe
Gentlewoman: Lucinda Howes
Rosencrantz: Hannah Cox
Guildenstern: Elliott Miller
Voltemand: Luke Tisher
Cornelia: Jacqueline Du Plessis
Priest: Yitzi Tuvel
Osric: Nicholas Foustellis
Francisco | Gravedigger: Miles Greenberg
Barnardo: Jacinta Gregory
Reynaldo: Anja Bless

The Sydney University Dramatic Society & The University of Sydney Union Present: Hamlet
“you would pluck out the heart of my mystery”

“there are more things in heaven and earth Horatio, than are dreamt of in our philosophy”

Without doubt the world’s most performed play, each production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet finds its own interpretation justified in the text. To a world that seeks simplicity and meaning, Sydney University Dramatic Society’s Hamlet will reveal the play’s unfathomable complexity.

Utilising the mesmeric power of Shakespeare’s poetry, applying the fresh perspective of young minds unburdened by the play’s history, and reaching for the mysterious heart of this great play, SUDS’ Hamlet will blow the cobwebs off this theatrical institution, allowing audiences to experience it as they never have before.

Director: Nathaniel Pemberton
Assistant Director: Bennett Sheldon
Assistant Director: Phoebe Adler-Ryan
Designer: Julia Robertson
Publicity Design: Matthew Webb
Producer: Ryan Hunter
Assistant Producer: Jess Alcamo
Lighting Design: Ethan McKenzie
Sound Design: Jo Terashima | Mari Stuart
Dramaturg: Nadia Bracegirdle | Nicky Cayless