6 Characters In Search Of An Author


After Luigi Pirandello
Directed/Adapted by
Saro Lusty-Cavallari
Produced by
Imogen Gardam

With: Laura Barendregt, Sam Brewer, Zerrin Craig-Adams, Josh Free, Tansy Gardam, Jacinta Gregory, Stella Ktenas Karver, Lucinda Vitek and the cast of Quack.

Crew: Chrys Chandra, Vivienne Joncourt, Isabella Moore and Courtney Thompson.

“The further the production romps along, the more faded the sense of reality. Goodbye real world, hello fantasy. Or is it the other way around? There is a plot here, a life philosophy 101 sewn into the tragic story of a dysfunctional family. However, the real candy for the audience is the battle between illusion and reality. That plus the clever reworking from Pirandello’s 1920s Italy to Sydney University 2014.” – Gary Yeates, Weekend Notes

“To tackle challenging art is noble. It is a hallmark of civilisation when people take on things that seem too difficult and uncertain. Six Characters In Search Of An Author is about asking questions, and trusting that providing answers is only secondary if at all relevant. This show might not always make sense but it is tautly composed. It is colourful and entertaining, even as its intellectualism seeps out of every pore.” – Suzy Wrong, suzygoessee.com

Six students and their director lounge around our beloved Cellar Theatre, trying to steer the tangents and in-jokes into actual rehearsal for their upcoming production of Quack. But in the midst of their rehearsal they are interrupted by a family of six with their own story to tell, but no author, cast, director or ACCESS card to tell it. The cast and set of Quack soon becomes the playground for the characters’ perverse story as reality crumbles and fiction takes over.

Luigi Pirandello’s landmark play is coming to SUDS and with close collaboration with the cast and crew of Quack, the lines between the stage and reality have never been blurrier.

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