Black Comedy/The Real Inspector Hound

Black Comedy Written by Peter Shaffer
The Real Inspector Hound Written by
Tom Stoppard
Directed by Bennett Sheldon & Peter Walsh
Produced by Chris Howell
With: Georgia Britt, Meg McLellan, Elliott Miller, David Quaglia, Alexander Richmond, Jack Scott, Natasha Vickery and Clemmie Williams

blackhoundrawEveryone knows that beat poetry, opera, and sculpture can be funny, but can theatre?!?

To settle this question, we’ve grabbed two of the funniest comedies of the 20th century, Tom Stoppard’s ‘The Real Inspector Hound’ and Peter Shaffer’s ‘Black Comedy’, and put them together into one laughtastic evening, with an interval to catch your breath.

A physical farce, Black Comedy takes place in Brindsley’s apartment as the failing artist tries to impress his debutante fiancé’s monster father, sell his work to a millionaire art collector, and hide the fact that he’s stolen his neighbour’s furniture and priceless art collection. When the power fails, and the apartment is plunged into darkness, Brindsley is left trying to appease his guests, and replace an apartment of furniture, groping blindly all the way.

The Real Inspector Hound should need no introduction. An absurd satire of detective mysteries, the play stands strongly as one of the definitive comedies in English Theatre. A cerebral play, Hound pokes fun not only at genre, but at theatre and audiences themselves.

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