After Henrik Ibsen
Adapted by
Monisha Rudhran
Directed by Finn Davis
Produced by 
Ethan McKenzie
Assistant Directors: Jack Ballhausen & Bridget Habarecht
Dramaturg: Lauren Marie-Pearce
Fundraising Officer: Georgia Britt
With: Joshua Free, Myles Gutkin, Sean Maroney, Ella Parkes-Talbot, Diana Reid
Crew: Robert Boddington, Finn Davis, Josie Gibson, Kryssa Karavolas, Tahlya Loveday, Ethan McKenzie, Laura Spinney, Matthew Webb

ghostsposterHelene Alving has welcomed her son Oswald back to their isolated home after a long absence. In the distance looms the orphanage that he has come to celebrate the completion of — built at Helene’s behest as a memorial to her honourable and well-respected husband. But the staid and puritanical social veneer of 19th century Norway conceals dark secrets, and as Helene begins to accept that the truth about her marriage cannot, and should not, remain hidden from the world, she discovers that Oswald is hiding something too…

As the details of the family’s tragic past are revealed, Oswald’s infection is echoed by the moral and societal disease eating away at the hearts of the other characters. We see each of them push against the strictures of their society, and we see each of them ultimately unable to break free.

GHOSTS is a tragic and intensely disturbing look at sex, repression, and the haunting presence of our collective past.

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