Much Ado About Nothing


by William Shakespeare
Directed by 
Caitlin West
Produced by
Julia Clark
With: Jack Ballhausen, Robert Boddington, Keiren Brandt-Sawdy, Annabelle Cooper, Daniel Cullen, Gabby Florek, Bridget Haberecht, Xavier Holt, Noemi Mendez, Madeleine Miller, Patrick Morrow, Jack Mitchell, Jem Rowe, Julia Robertson, Jonathan Rush, Michaela Savina, Sebastien Scott

“Thou and I are too wise to woo peaceably.”

Four hundred years ago, Shakespeare penned a comedy centering around two stubborn idiots who refuse to admit they like each other, and a jealous, insecure man and his faultless fiancée.

To the great surprise of fucking nobody, the play is made contemporary with great ease because people are still stubborn, insecure, manipulative and liable to fall stupidly, begrudgingly and tempestuously in love.

This re-imagining of the show is a young one: characters are immature and the cast is immature; the aesthetic is inspired by a pubescent bedroom floor; Women speak daggers, and men monologue, though nobody marks them.

This show marks the beginning of the society’s 125th year, as well as our program of regular slots for 2014. It will be light, it will be fast and it should be a pleasure. There are, like, four bottle openers going around, too many iced eskis, awful confected playlists and Leonato has hidden all the valuables.

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