Written and Directed by Isabella Phillips
Produced by
Angela Collins
With: Emily Allen, Anja Bless, Elijah Clibbon,Erin Davoren-Lewis, Elliott Falzon, Kye Hardingham, Jack Kincaid, Max Melzer and Riley Nolan.

“The truth comes to me. The truth loves me.”

The shared life of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes remains the subject of speculation and debate. Preheat, written and directed by Isabella Phillips, is a brand new work that plunges its audience into a surreal look at the lives of two of the twentieth century’s most famous poets. While “the truth” of the situation remains contested, it is undeniable that the life of Sylvia Plath is endlessly fascinating.
Part-homage to her art, part-investigation, Preheat offers an intense and succinct exploration of Plath’s life and works. Surrounded by an ethereal ensemble on stage, the meaning beneath Plath’s words becomes illuminated. Can an accusatory finger be lifted in the aftermath of Plath’s suicide? Or had she sealed herself off from others long before the day she died?

Wednesday to Saturday
17th September – 27th September
The Cellar, The University of Sydney

Tickets for sale at the door
$3 SUDS/ $5 ACCESS/ $7 Concession/ $10 General