The  Baker
Compiled by Hal Conyngham
Directed by
Kryssa Karavolas, Meg McLellan, Melissa McShane, Nina Newcombe, Riki Scanlan, Angela Toomey and Hamish Wood
 AliceBirbara, Michael Cameron, Hannah Cox,NuriaDiez,GabyFlorek, Josh Free, Sean Marshall,MegMcLellan,MaxMelzer, Elliot Miller, Ryan O’Connor,Maree Raad, Curtis Smyth,VictoriaSerbst and Lavinia White

The Beaver
Compiled by Finn Davis
Directed by: Jack Ballhausen, Jim Fishwick, Maddie Houlbrook Walk, Krissa Karavolas, Ciaran Magee, Victoria Zerbst
With: Ruby Brown Hannah Cox,GabbyFlorek, Sean Marshall,MegMcLellan, Elliot Miller, Ryan O’Connor,Maree Raad, Curtis Smyth,Livinia White,VictoriaZerbst

Snark, the Society’s third slot of 2014, is named for the eponymous monster of Lewis Carrol’s Hunting of The Snark, mostly because they both defy coherent description.Sprawling, intangible, nightmarish, and in four acts.Produced by Maddie Houlbrook-Walk, Kryssa Karavola and Patrick Morrow

Featuring contemporary scripts, classics, student written work, verbatim transcripts, poetry and Shakespeare, Snark is a thematic compilation that offers an insight into the society’s operations for both performers, and audiences alike.

Week 1 is host to The Beaver and The Baker which examines optimism and the night, while week 2 will witness The Bellman and The Boojum – the beginning and the end respectively.


The Bellman
Compiled by Bridget Haberacht
Directed by Sam Brewer, Angela Collins, Sean Maroney, Meg McLellan, Nina Newcombe, Alex Richmond
With: Grace Avery, Anja Bless, Gabbi Bowen, Madeleine Bower, Beth Brennan,AllyCanas,BrendanColnan,Rashmi Dixit, Josie Gibson, Jacinta Gregory Emily Greenberg,JennyHilliar, Xavier Holt, Lucinda Howes, Sophie Matthews, Riley Nolan, Emily Noske, Ella Parkes-Talbot, Anna Rowe, Jem Rowe,Akshay Sharan, Luke Smith

The Boojam
Compiled by 
Ciaran Magee
Directed by Peter Carantinos, Gabby Florek, Elliott Miller, Chenier Moore, Karen Rich
With: Grace Avery, Emily Baird, Wendy Blier, Julian Bull, Ally Cansas, Angela Collins, Brendan Colnan, Harriet Hope-Streeter, Morgan Kesel, Gabi Melocco, Elliott Miller, Jem Rowe, Akshay Sharan