The Bitterness of Pomegranates


Written & Directed by Julia Clark
Produced by
Julia Robertson
Sound Designer: Clemmie Williams
Lighting Designer: Maddie Houlbrook-Walk
Stage Manager: Bridget Haberecht
Costume & Props Manager: Charlie O’Grady
With: Brendan Colnan, India Cordony, Gabby Florek, Sarah Graham, Max Melzer, Diana Reid, Dominic Scarf.

The Bitterness of Pomegranates is a new Australian play written and directed by Julia Clark. Set in small town Australia in the early 1990s, Pomegranates allows the audience to observe Margaret’s family after her sister, Dorothy, befriends the town lunatic. The tension and suspicion surrounding this friendship blanket every conversation and worm their way into the glimpsed relationships that shape this play. This is a family drama exploring the microcosm and the macrocosm of a family within their kitchen, within the town, and within wider Australia.

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