The Chairs

by Eugen Ionesco
Directed by 
Clemence Williams
Produced by Imogen Gardam
Designer: Julia Robertson
With: Jack Ballhausen, Hannah Cox, Finn Davis, Geneva Gilmour, Chenier Moore, Julia Robertson and Jack Scott

Ionesco’s enchanting and stirring insight leaves his writing with a tendency to play upon the tension between an individual’s self-understanding and the social and political context within which they exist. The Chairs is demonstrative of this in the central couple’s teetering between lucidity and the nostalgia of a world that has long since passed them by.

SUDS’s Fringe production of this show, its first official entry since 2011, creates three parallel universes in which the play unfolds. It explores the idea of cause and effect, predetermined circumstance and to what extent free will influences an outcome. This idea of ‘choice’ extends to the audience’s participation as to which couple they choose to follow and which two couples they leave behind. With an increased cast and the simultaneous use of three spaces within the Fringe Emerging Artists Hub, SUDS is excited to present some bold new thoughts on a timeless work.

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