The Detective’s Handbook


by Ian Ferrington & Olga Solar
Directed by Ian Ferrington
Musical Director: Olga Solar
Produced by Jonathan Rush
Designed by Julia Robertson
With: Matt Bartlett, Alice Birbara, Elliott Miller, Alexander Richmond, Ale Tuni, Natasha Vickery,
Victoria Zerbst

Chicago, 1950. One overcast morning, Detectives Thompson and Hartman are called in to investigate a grisly murder. One optimistic but inexperienced, one tough but jaded, together they may still be not quite competent enough to sort this whole thing out.

Full of fun, friction, fanfare, femmes fatale and other such alliterations, The Detective’s Handbook is a new musical comedy, combining jazz and spoken word in an exciting and hilarious farce noire*.

*farce noire is in fact the French for a blood-based poultry stuffing.

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