Three Sisters

Three Sisters poster

by Anton Chekhov
Translated by Laurence Senelick
Directed by
Saro Lusty-Cavallari
Produced by
Imogen Gardam
Assistant Director: Nina Newcombe
Assistant Producer: Courtney Thompson
Lighting Designer: Chrys Chandra
With: Honey Abbott, Zach Beavon-Collin, Alice Birbara, Christian Byers, Brendan Colnan, Georgia Coverdale, Alex Magowan, Meg McLellan, Chenier Moore, Maree Raad, Henriette Tkalec, Adam Waldman, Victoria Zerbst
Crew: Chrys Chandra, Antoinette Gunster, Vivienne Joncourt, and Courtney Thompson.

Time will pass, and we’ll be gone forever, people will forget us, they’ll forget our faces, voices and how many of us there were, but our suffering will turn to joy for those who live after us….
Olga Prozorov

Yet this turned out to be the opposite of the truth. Chekhov’s legendary sisters never stopped being remembered and unfortunately never stopped being relatable – their suffering is just as vividly familiar as it was a century ago.
This vital and modernized production by the Sydney University Dramatic Structure brings a youthful urgency and uncertainty to Chekhov’s masterpiece. Like the Prozorov’s our future is uncertain but like the Prozorov’s it will almost certainly contain disappointment and thus we continue to play Three Sisters. With each passing year the play becomes more and more troubling, as Chekhov’s warning to an idle Russian bourgeoisie increasingly comes to resemble a timeless holding pattern that encapsulates all humanity.

Not only has it been over ten years since SUDS has staged a production of Chekhov, but Chekhov has also been noticeably absent from Sydney’s mainstage in recent years. Don’t miss this opportunity to see a fresh new take on the Russian master.

30th July – 9th August (Wednesday-Saturday)
Studio B, University of Sydney (near the Footbridge over Parramatta Rd)

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