After Dark

Lead Devisors: Phoebe Adler-Ryan, Ethan McKenzie and Monisha Rudhran
Devisors: Sam Baran, Samuel Brewer, Samantha Callender, Meta Cohen, Charlie O’Grady, Maree Raad, Diana Reid, Radha Wahyuwidayat, Maddy Ward and Jonathan Zaharias
Written by: Anonymous, Sam Baran, Samuel Brewer, Nicky Cayless, Gabby Florek, Sean Maroney, Charlie O’Grady, Jem Rowe, Monisha Rudhran and Maddy Ward
Performed by: Samuel Brewer, Samantha Callender, Maree Raad, Diana Reid, Radha Wahyuwidayat and Maddy Ward
Sound Design: Meta Cohen

afterdarkwebsquare “The dead of night is louder than people think it is.”

From frivolous banter to the deepest of secrets, the night is both covering and uncovering. There is a quietness and an absence of urgency that affords a seemingly undefinable quality to nighttime conversation. After Dark is an immersive theatre piece that explores the unique intimacy of the night as a space of interaction.

15th-21st & 23rd May 2015