House Party

Directed by Nicky Cayless and Charles O’Grady
Produced by Joel Hillman
With Elliott Miller, Jenna Owen, Maddie Hw, Maddie Parker, Michael Cameron, Monisha Rudhran, Nick Welsh, and Reuben Ward.


So I’m turning 22 in a couple of weeks, but as I was on exchange during my birthday last year and I deserve all the attention ever, I’ll also be having a 21st! Think of it as a 21st + 1. Yes you will be required to give me two gifts. You’re all invited because you’re super cute friends, or just to fill numbers and you’ll never know which.

Theme is no theme because Alex is a jerk and says themes are dumb (love you Alex).
You can rock up to the Black Box around 7ish (but who shows up at 7 hey), if you haven’t been over before PM me for our address. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH ALL THE STUFF IN MY HOUSE, Chris is away and I’d like her to come back to find the place still standing. You know the drill, all closed doors stay closed, don’t touch what ain’t yours, and don’t you dare try and change the playlist because Gillian will eviscerate you.
Message me first about any plus ones—if someone’s not on the list they won’t be let in!

‘House Party’ is an immersive, interactive show for the Sydney University Dramatic Society. You’ll enter the space as a guest at this party and can follow and interact with the characters and other audience as much as you like. Exploring and engaging with the world is encouraged.
Please note that any behaviour which makes the space unsafe for actors or other audience members will not be tolerated. Those who engage in this behaviour will be asked to leave.

29th April-2nd May & 6th-9th May 2015