SUDS Presents: Manic Pixie Dream World

Writer and Director: Tansy Gardam
Producer: Vanessa Macpherson
Assistant Director: Kendra Murphy
Lighting Designer: Chrysanti Chandra
Photographer and Stage Manager: Christopher Starnawski
With Sean Maroney, Meg McLellan, Keshini de Mel, Jess Zlotnick and Siobhan Barrett-Brown

12187920_1076558205696554_2269589423750638295_nBoy meets Girl. Boy likes Girl. Girl likes facts, and solitude, and possibly Boy too. Girl doesn’t really want to put a label on anything, but figures this might be the chance to finally have something worth putting a label on.

But there’s something wrong with this romantic comedy, and it isn’t just the hacky writing and the two dimensional female lead and the fact that these tropes are force-fed and familiar.

Between ex-girlfriends and loud sisters and sharks with machine guns, Joe and Sierra manage to find something they can call their own romance. After all, Sierra really is Joe’s dream girl. It’s almost as if she was made for him.

Manic Pixie Dream World is a new play exploring the stereotypes and tropes of the romantic comedy and the Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

16th-19th September 2015

Manic Pixie Dream World also played for three performances as part of SUDS’ Verge Festival Season from 10th-12th October