SUDS Major 2015: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Director: Bennett Sheldon
Producer: Sam Jonscher
Creative Producer: Michael Day
Dramaturg: Nadia Bracegirdle
Designer: Jess Zlotnick
Composer: Campbell Umbers
Assistant Producer: Ryan Hunter
With Michael Cameron, Anna Della Marta, Tess Green, Maddie Gerard, William Hendricks, Jane Hughes, Tom Mendes, Jessica Orchard, April Saleeba, Dominic Scarf, Jim Southwell, Tess Sterland, Nick Welsh, Eloise Westwood, Harry Winsome

midsummerwebbanner“O hell, to choose love by another’s eyes!”

Helios. Demetrius. Hermia. Lysander.

Four lovers flee into the forest, away from their parents and a society that says they can’t be together. As bonds are broken, family and friendship are shown to be as flawed as the standards they are built on. Family can be escaped, can values?

“This same progeny of evils comes from our dissension.”

Puck. Titania. Oberon. Theseus. Hippolyta. Egeus.

In a constant fight for dominance, games are played with the mortals and forest as pawns. Power can be won, but is it worth it when you tear apart those beneath you?

“Never anything can be amiss when simpleness and duty tender it.”

Bottom. Quince. Flute. Snout. Snug. Starveling.

A patch of rude mechanicals come together to rehearse a play, but the deeper they delve into the forest, the harder this proves. Can you remain true in world that has forgotten how to understand you?

As these narratives interweave, the ability for us to engage; with ourself, with others, and with the values of others, is called into question. Why do we struggle to understand the world beyond ourself? Is this why we’re homophobic or selfish? Do we allow ourselves to treat it as a dream?

The magic of theatre in Shakespeare’s Midsummer captivates the imagination of its audiences; infinitely complex yet poetically simple, the play seeks out a world attainably beautiful. A Midsummer Night’s Dream will leave its audiences from all walks of life with the elusive question of how we understand theatre, and how we understand each other— If you engage that is, it could just be a dream.

30th July-1st August 2015