SUDS Presents: Werewolves

Director: Elliott Miller
Assistant Director: Robert Boddington
Producer: Joel Hillman
With Belinda Anderson-Hunt, Maddie HW, Ondine Manfrin, Sean Maroney, Jenna Owen, Mia Parkes-Talbot, David Quaglia and Alexander Richmond

11950186_1048195415199500_7483156623093215880_oWelcome to Drottingham. A town unburdened by famine, sickness or lack of industry. Drottingham exists stagnant, as it has for centuries – that is, until Prof. Northumberland is pronounced dead. He leaves behind a valuable piece of land, but no lawful heir to make claim to it. According to the traditions of the town, ownership of the land is to be determined by seven noble townsfolk, who run and administer its essential industries.

But Drottingham has a secret. It is home to a pair of werewolves, hidden under the guise of two of these townsfolk. These two werewolves will be present in the town meeting, trying to disguise themselves as villagers, and they will not rest until the town is theirs.

But who can stop them?

Through a series of rounds, characters will be eliminated from the show, voted off by the audience. Working for the good of the town, YOU will try to spot the two individuals who you believe to be the werewolves, taking note of sly looks, shifty accusations and general wolf-like behaviour. Neither the audience, nor the actors will know who the two werewolves are. Each night the characters will draw a card out of a hat and play that role for the rest of the show.

‘Werewolves’ is an interactive, improvised, “choose-your-own-adventure,” murder mystery. Can you spot the werewolves before it’s too late?

26th-29th August & 2nd-5th September 2015