Where Your Eyes Don’t Go

Directed by Jim Fishwick
Produced by Joe Campbell
Sound Design Bryce Halliday
Video Design Bruno Dubosarsky
With Emily Allen, William Cook, Emilia Higgs, Julian Hollis, Jane Hughes, Caillin McKay, Kendra Murphy, Maddie Parker, Anna Rowe, Luke Tisher and Lucinda Vitek

10710515_882728475079529_1056829499323848555_nYou are thrown into a pitch-black maze. You need to rescue someone and get out alive. But where are they? And what was that thing moving at the end of the corridor? You don’t know what these creatures are, why they’re after you, or how to escape. You only know that they will be Where Your Eyes Don’t Go.

Co-presentation with Jetpack Theatre Collective

January 14th-18th 2015 (poster dates are inaccurate)


Patrick Morrow for Honi Soit