SUDS Presents: A View of Concrete

A View of Concrete by Gareth Ellise
Directed by Tabitha Woo
Design: Victor Kalka
Lighting Designer: Annita Stark
Sound Designer: Aaron Cornelius
Production and Management: Daniella Pilla
With: Elizabeth Milstead, Matilda Brodie, Tom Mendes & Henry Hulme

COVER PHOTO. 1jpgIn a sprawling metropolis, where all the trees have been replaced by telephone boxes, the parks have become multiplexes, the clouds have turned a toxic orange and the animals are committing suicide, Billy is becoming a fairy. Jacquie wonders what the corrupt CEOs of the major corporations have in store for her. And James suspects his neighbour is planning to commit an atrocity.


The Cellar Theatre @ 7pm

27th April – 30th April & 4th May – 7th May 2016