SUDS Presents: Alphabetical Order

Directed by Tabitha Woo
Poster Design by Victor Kalka

With Elliott Falzon, Hugh Guest, William Hendricks, Imogen Hubber, Jane Hughes, Amanzi Lawrence and Rory Nolan.

alphabetical orderA3Before Google, journalists in search of quotes and statistics could turn to a specialised newspaper library: the sort of place where you will find cuttings of old articles and party conference records. Also empty jam jars, outdated train timetables, broken chairs, and the occasional rubber mouse.

Enter Lesley, the new assistant. She’s going to transform this place – and boy, does she have her work cut out for her.

Written by British theatre legend, Michael Frayn, Alphabetical Order is a comedy about libraries and newspapers, order and chaos, holding on and letting go.

By arrangement with ORiGiN THEATRICAL™, on behalf of SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD.

January 20th-23rd.


Shevvi Barrett-Brown for Honi Soit