SUDS Presents: Black Hands/Dead Section

Written by Van Badham
Directed by Zach Beavon-Collin
Produced by Victor Kalka
Assistant Producer: Angela Lin
Costume Designer: Zoe Whitewolf
Lighting Designer: Viran Weerasekera
Sound Designer: Ryan Devlin
Stage Managers: Siena Gwillim & Eloise Little
AV Designer: Tayla PennyWith: Alice Birbara, Amelia McNamara, Anna Rowe, Anna Williamson, Annita Stark, Bianca Farmakis, Cameron Hutt, Charlie Meller, Elliott Falzon, Eloi Herlemann, Emma Throssell, Hal Fowkes, Hannah Craft, Helena Parker, Henry Hulme, Isabella Moore, Jimmy Pucci, John Kenedey, Joshua Powell, Julian Hollis, Laura McInnes, Louisa Thurn, Maddie Houlbrook-Walk, Nick Jackman, Nell Cohen, Oliver Ayres, Patrick Sunderland, Victoria Boult & William Hendricks

“Fucking and shooting are the same thing.”

Berlin, 2nd June, 1967. A student protest turns violent, and a student is shot and killed. The next ten years become a cycle of escalating violence; bombings, state brutality, murder, and psychological warfare, ending in 1977 with a plane hijacking and a stand off between the State and the student terrorists.

Black Hands/Dead Section follows the rise and fall of the infamous Baader Meinhof gang, and the personal and political consequences of fighting violence with violence.

CW: violence, psychological trauma, references to suicide

3rd-6th & 10th-13th August 2016