SUDS Presents: Design for Living

Producer: Maggie Liuzzi
Assistant Producer: Marianne Connors
Director: Eugene Lynch
Dramaturge: Nadia Bracegirdle
Set Designer: Cameron Hart
Sound Designer: Christopher Wale
Lighting Design: Viran Weerasekera & Ruby Willis
AV Designer: Daniella Pilla
With: Oliver Ayres, Max Peacock, Caitlin Williams, Patrick Sunderland, Victoria Boult, Harriet Cronley, Daniella Pilla, & Joey Watson.

posterjane“The actual facts are so simple. I love you. You love me. You love Otto. I love Otto. Otto loves you. Otto loves me. There now! Start to unravel from there.”

‘Design For Living’ is Noel Coward’s 1931 comedy about a ménage-a-trois. Otto, Leo and Gilda love each other but can’t quite make their love work. From their bohemian life in Paris to the heights of their success in New York, we see these three characters try and navigate the difficult world of “love among the artists.”

This production aims to reveal the melancholic heart at the centre of Coward’s most controversial comedy.

5th – 8th October 2016