SUDS Presents: Dorian

Adapted by Nadia Bracegirdle
Director: Jane Hughes
Producer / Assistant Director: Alex Smiles
Production Designer: Imogen King
Stage Manager: Maddy Picard
Assistant Stage Manager: Chris Starnawski
Lighting Operator: Ruby Willis
With: Tom Mendes, Chloe Lethlean Higson, Max Melzer, Anita Donovan, Tim Doran, Illeana Prieto, Lizzie Westbrook, Harry Winsome, Nathan Wylie & Jess Zlotnick

Dorian Poster“…Marvellously young and marvellously beautiful. Youth and beauty are the only things worth having in this world…”

Inspired by the words of a new acquaintance, the young Dorian Gray gazes upon his freshly-painted portrait and wishes that the image might grow old while he might remain young. To the detriment of all around him, his wish is granted.

A new adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ by Nadia Bracegirdle, ‘Dorian’ explores obsession, love, vice, and what it means to place aesthetic ideals above all else. In this decadent and carefree world is an underbelly of shame, fear, blackmail, and violence, which begs the question: how far are we willing to go to maintain our ideals?

July 27th-30th & August 3rd-6th 2016