SUDS Presents: Lady

Director: Shevvi Barrett-Brown
Writer: Jess Zlotnick
Producer: Clare Cavanagh
Assistant Director: Julia Robertson
Designer: Maddie Ward
Lighting Designer: Annita Stark
With: April Saleeba, Bianca Farmakis, Cailin McKay, Harriet Cronley, Isobel Graham, Perri Roach and Xavier Holt





In a quiet country town, long ago, there lived a girl who wasn’t happy. Lady is stuck, labelled, bored. Washing clothes and leering men, marriage, children, routine – a life her mother accepts, her friend awaits. A life she must escape.

Bathed in blood our heroine drowns, drifts and surfaces, desperate to emerge, rise from the depths of her nothing life and stand on her own feet. She won’t take less than greatness. With magic and lies she’ll get what she wants. If the sacrifices she makes on the way throw nature out of joint Lady only cares that it’s known the chaos was her doing.

Witness the rise of a great woman who did much more than stand behind a great man.

Lady is an original play, workshopped by cast, writer and director to be presented on stage for the first time as the opening show of SUDS’ 2016 season.

Wednesday 2nd March – Saturday 5th
Wednesday 9th March – Saturday 12th
7pm @ The Cellar Theatre