SUDS Presents: Silver Tongue

Written by Nadia Bracegirdle
Directed by Bennett Sheldon
Produced by Max Baume
With Lauren Gale, Jane Hughes, Alex Smiles, Annita Stark, Lizzie Westbrook and Eloise Westwood

Silver Tongue A4Sydney Cove, 1809.

In the wake of the Rum Rebellion, life in the colony under a new military government is harder than ever for Moll, since the untimely death of her mother.
Charged in her mother’s final breaths with finding the man responsible, Moll’s journey takes her far from home, where she crosses paths with a raft of strange and wonderful characters, adapting to their new lives.

Written by Nadia Bracegirdle, Silver Tongue takes us on a fast paced and deeply immersive journey along the East Coast of Australia, in a largely unexplored period of our modern history.

6th-9th January 2016