SUDS Presents: The Closed Doors

 Directed by Isobel Croft
Produced by April Saleeba
Light and Sound by Peter Best
With Riordan Berry, Jennifer Chen, William Cook and Keshini De Mel

thecloseddoorslargeposterAccording to Greek myth, Hades, lord of the dead, fell deeply in love with sweet Persephone, goddess of flowers, and conspired to make her his bride. He lured her with pomegranate seeds and split the earth beneath her as she played in the forest, pulling her with him into the Underworld. Persephone grieved for her lost world for a time but came to accept Hades and even love him, choosing to stay with him when her mother stormed the Underworld to rescue her. Pauline Albanese’s The Closed Doors retells the tale as a coming-of-age story written in dream-like prose poetry.

6th-9th January 2015


Lauren Pearce for Honi Soit