SUDS Presents: To Be Or Not To Be, You Decide

Devised and hosted by Jacinta Gregory and Davis Murphy
Featuring Shevvi Barrett-Brown, Sam Campbell, Clare Cavanagh, Aaron Chen, Kate Coates, James Colley, William Cook, Bruno Dubosarsky, Jim Fishwick, Sarah Gaul, Jacinta Gregory, Michael Hing, Declan Maher, Kirsty McGuire, Aidan Molins, Jack Savage, Olga Solar, Tom Walker, Victoria Zerbst and Jess Zlotnick

To Be Or Not To Be: You Decide

20 comedians. 15 minutes to do whatever they please. What do you get? Comedy that’s what. Now tell them to add a twist of Shakespeare. What do you get now? Hamlet. Put them in a blender and use the pulse function. What now? Shakespeare and Comedy – together at last.

Yes that’s right, over four nights there will be four completely different shows put together, comprised of different acts from your favorite comedians performing up 15 minutes of whatever material they please. What happens when Ophelia experiences coffee that is too cold? How can Claudius function in this world of modern relationships and lack of familicide? What the hell will Feeble minds do? To be or not to be – you decide” – Probably Shakespeare.

What will they decide to do? We genuinely have no idea (no seriously, we gave them free reign). Interactive fun that, trust us, WILL BE INTERACTIVE (that we do know).

13th-16th January 2016