SUDS Presents: Twelfth Night

Director: Imogen King
Producer: Bronwyn Hicks
Dramaturg: Nadia Bracegirdle
Stage Manager: Maddy Picard
Lighting: Tom Hicks
With Eloise Westwood, Bec Attanasio, Keshini De Mel, Elliott Falzon, Imogen Hubber, Ethan Austin, Adam Waldman, Declan Curtin, Dom Scarf, Hannah Craft, Chloe Zurynski, Max Melzer and Anita Donovan

Illyria is a fun place to be; a wealthy coastal town blasted by the heat of an Australian summer, with too much alcohol and not enough parental supervision. It’s a lot of fun; unless, perchance, you’ve lost your twin, your home, and yourself, in the journey there. Such is the story of Viola, washed ashore without her brother in the aftermath of a storm. For her safety she disguises herself as a boy and befriends the Duke Orsino. So begins her extraordinary voyage seeking peace for herself, a reunion with her brother and the love of her friend, a journey which transforms the hearts and souls of all in Illyria.

January 3rd-6th 2016