SUDS Presents: Weathervane

Devised by Jack Savage, Julian Hollis and Jeremy Blum
With Jestika Chand, Bruno Dubosarsky, Dominic Scarf, Jess Zlotnick, Emily Greenberg, Cooper Torrens, Luke Smith & Jeromaia Giuseppe Detto

Sometimes truth is just a matter of perspective.

Dive into the original, student-written production of Weathervane, the web of intrigue and deceit where nothing is what it seems.

Weathervane is a short, semi-interactive play, where the audience is thrust into close quarters with the actors. The audience will navigate and drive the narrative, being faced with decisions and judgments to make every step of the way.

Sessions will run for 15 minutes from 8pm-11pm and will be one audience member at a time. Due to the boutique nature of the show and to avoid disappointment bookings are essential.

If you are booking a ticket as a SUDS Summer Season pass holder or have any questions regarding the nature of the show please contact SUDS at

February 9th-12th 2016 (Extended by one night due to high-demand)