SUDS Auditions: Black Hands / Dead Section (Major Production)

SUDS Auditions: Black Hands / Dead Section (Major Production)

“Fucking and shooting are the same thing.”

June 2nd, 1967. Berlin. Students band with the German Left Wing to protest the Vietnam War and the visit of the Shah of Iran. The protest is forcefully broken up, and in the struggle between police and protestors, a pacifist student, Benno Ohnesorg, is shot and killed. The next ten years became a cycle of escalating violence; bombings, state brutality, murder and psychological warfare, ending in 1977 with a plane high-jacking, a kidnapping and a political stand off between student terrorists and the German state which reverberated across the globe.

We are currently holding auditions for the 2016 SUDS Major, Van Badham’s “BLACK HANDS / DEAD SECTION”, the true story of the Red Army Faction German terrorist group. We are casting around 30 actors to play a cast of characters which numbers just under 100. Auditions run from the 29th of February to the 16th of March.

For your audition, please prepare one of the four pieces linked to below. We will ask you to perform it, and then workshop it with us. We may ask you to perform one of the other three pieces as well, so please try to be at least familiar with all pieces listed. Auditions will take approximately half an hour.

To book an audition, take a look at the schedule at the link below and select a time that is not currently booked. Email with your name, a contact phone number and your selected time/s. Note that, due to a delay with updating the schedule, your time may have already been requested, so it is advised to select two or three alternative times as well. Red times are unable to be booked.

Scripts can be accessed from this link:

Sechdule can be accessed from this link:

If you would like to be involved but don’t enjoy acting, please see our production callout event to apply for production roles as well, which is linked here:

Content Warning: This play depicts and graphically describes gendered and indiscriminate violence, psychological trauma as well as references to and depictions of suicide. If this is a potential concern or barrier to entry for you, feel free to email us, or to contact either the director Zach Beavon-Collin (0459 979 065) or producer Victor Kalka (0418187389) directly, and we can see if we can sort something out so that you can still be involved.