Get Involved!

There are plenty of ways to get involved in the society!


SUDS holds regular auditions for its shows, no prior acting experience required. Find out about our latest here.

General Meetings (GMs)

Held every fortnight, GMs are where we make decisions on the future of the society. Find out more here.

Rough Cuts

SUDS’ equivalent of an open-mic night. A chance for anyone to get up and perform anything they want. Find out more here.

Actor’s Group

A regular workshop to help you hone your acting skills throughout the year. Find out more here.

Production & Design (PAD)

Our Cellar Officers, Max & Harry, and various other exec members, hold regular workshops and events on learning the craft of theatre-making from a behind the scenes perspective. Find out more here.

Play With Your Food & SUDS Attends

Want to see some SUDS theatre and enjoy a cheap meal? Our Social Secretaries, Danni & Helena, host a fortnightly chance to ‘play with your food’. Or why not venture off campus with us for a fun night out with SUDS Attends? Find out more here.

Blank Spaces

Occassionally SUDS manages to wrangle some industry insiders to talk to us all about their experiences in the business. These blank spaces can range from talks and Q&As with actors & directors to panel discussions on hot-button issues within the theatre world.

The Performing Arts Ball

Each year SUDS gets together with all of the other performance groups on campus for a big, swanky Ball. It is usually a themed occasion, held at a beautiful venue with delicious canapés, drinks and of course a dance floor. Tickets are sold in advance. Be sure to get yours early because last year we sold out!

Parties & BBQs

Aside from our regular hangouts at GMs, Play With Your Foods and Rough Cut’s we throw some fully sick parties and BBQs to celebrate various milestones throughout the year. Come to GMs and check the facebook group/website for dates and locations.