Rough Cut Nights

Next Rough Cut: TBC (We’ll see you in 2017!)

Rough_Cut_Poster_2015_WebGET READY.

If you don’t have the time to rehearse and be in a show, if you have interesting talents but don’t know where to showcase them, if you want to test out some new material, if you just want to be onstage doing anything at all, then rough cuts are for you. Rough cuts are for everyone! Think an open mike-night for all types of performance ever.

It’s a casual place to laugh, cry, mess up and mess around with the most supportive of audiences… eating pizza (or other varieties of definitely free food). Rough Cut nights are spaced regularly throughout the year with events going up on our Facebook group as well as being regularly updated on this page.

If you already have something in mind, contact one of our social secretaries, Danni or Clare, to book a slot to perform (Facebook message is fine, or send an email to Otherwise if you’re feeling unsure, know that you can always hop up on the night when we open the floor to anyone!

It’s going to be a riot. Don’t miss it.

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