Advantage’s of calculator for school going student

When you start your study, you always think of doing hard work without any help, but as the time progress you end up using many calculation methods/techniques/tool due to advancement of studies and in technology as well.

Most teachers and parents generally disagree with the use of calculators. They think they are hindering the child’s overall progress. Well, that’s not entirely true. Yes, they have some disadvantages, but they also have advantages. Let’s understand in more detail the various pros:-

Calculators Can Save a Lot of Computing Time 

With the help of a calculator, students can save a lot of time which they can waste during a high number of calculations. This makes it easier for them to highlight more important math concepts instead of focusing more on basic arithmetic calculations.

Students should understand the basics of operations accounting in middle school or high school. You should also know how to do the calculations yourself. After all, they learned exactly the same thing in the previous course. To tell the truth, using calculators in middle or high school hurt them even more. Hence, it can be said that the use of calculators for calculations in middle and high schools is an obvious benefit in itself.

Calculators Can Help Improve Students’ Technical Knowledge 

No, we’re not kidding. The calculator may seem too simple in hindsight, but as you get closer, you will find that you need a little technical knowledge to use it properly, especially if it is a scientific calculator. Therefore, it is very appropriate that middle school students and upwards know all kinds of methods of using calculators.

Calculator calculations are more accurate than manual calculations

It’s like a child’s toy, too, where you can simply put the numbers and calculate. Using a calculator can greatly improve the accuracy of calculations. There is also a speed factor. The calculator can find the answer immediately. Most schools start letting the students use the calculator from class 11th or when they choose a particular subject which surely involved calculations and numbers are big, and it can surely consume a lot of time.


  • Calculators are addictive. Students may find that they cannot even perform the simplest calculations without the help of a calculator.
  • Calculators encourage students to try various arithmetic operations without knowing why they are used.
  • They give students a false sense of self-confidence in their math skills (see also the “complacency” point above).

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