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It is every student’s dream to  study in a prestigious school and this does not end until the learner reaches its ultimate goal—the highest educational attainment—which can be in a form of undergraduate studies, master’s degree, or doctoral degree.Now, the question lies on how you will get yourself accepted in a prominent university in your country or even the most sought-after Ivy League Universities which have high admission qualifications. The answer to this question is secondary schools.

Secondary School: The Key to College

The secondary school refers to an educational stage wherein the students are allowed to enroll in advanced level classes (A-level) as a preparatory stage for those who are planning to pursue undergraduate studies, especially in universities abroad. These advanced classes usually offer a higher level of learning in different fields of  Math and Sciences which are necessary for engineering and medicine courses that are popular among the students who are into technology. Apart from this, Arts and Humanities are also incorporated in the curriculum to prepare the well-being of the students to a new set of environment, college, wherein people from different cultural backgrounds and intellectual capacity meet. College can put your mind, body, and soul to stress particularly if it involves academics. To mitigate this, enrolling in a secondary school with a gce a level education is the best solution to train yourself in managing your stress and strengthening your academic skills. In this way, you will be able to maximize your college experience.

About GCE in Singapore

                The Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE A-Level) is a type of national exam, which is a counterpart of the United Kingdom’s GCE A-level examination, that can be taken both by public and private schools in Singapore. This exam was introduced way back in 1975 and was delinked in 2002 from UK’s GCE A-level examination. This was done by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to gain control over the examination which makes it easier to be adjusted that it may fit with the Singaporean school curriculum. In this way, both the Western and Asian education methods are fused to create globally competitive graduates who have unlocked their full potentials by gaining the needed leadership skills, integrity, social responsibility, and cultural awareness.Because of this, the Singaporean students always outperformed other students from advanced economies like Canada, Japan, Taiwan, and Switzerland based on the recent Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). Passing this exam would mean that the institution can produce graduates that are qualified to study in internationally acclaimed universities. So, if you plan on pursuing higher education, choose to enroll in secondary school.