Dawood Foundation for Quality Medical Training in Pakistan

The world needs as much help as to can ever get and this is why Dawood Foundation is set up. The organization is bent on helping as many people as it can towards ensuring a better life for as many people as possible.  The contribution of this great organization to the lives of people in the areas of education and health are incomparable to what you can ever find around. The impact of the organization on the people of Pakistan is outstanding and there are plans by the organization to still do more than it has done in the past.  Everywhere you look, you will see the impact of the Dawood Foundation. The organization was founded by Bashir Dawood and he is strongly supported by his wife in the quest to making lives better or as many people as possible here in Pakistan and beyond. The name of his wife is Mariyamdawood.

Immense contribution to health and education

Aga Khan University is one of the top beneficiaries of the financial assistance provided by the Dawood Foundation.  The foundation has donated a lot to this university and its hospital with the aim to assisting the university and its hospital to provide top quality education and reliable healthcare services to the people of the university community.  Thanks to the incomparable assistance of the Dawood Foundation made possible by Mariyamdawood, the university hospital has successfully taken its  medical programs to the very next level, thereby making it one of the best as far as medical education and healthcare services are concerned in Pakistan.

For example, the contributions of Dawood Foundation to this outstanding institution have led to the addition of more integrated operating rooms to the hospital.  The institution can now boast of possession of advanced neurological equipment.  Also, this institution has successfully added a new refractive laser suite. All these have set the university and its hospital on a new pedestal of progress and professionalism in medical services and medical training provision.

One other particular institution that has benefited immensely from the charitable activities of the Dawood Foundation is the Centre for Innovative Medical Education (CIME). This centre has a global recognition and it is undoubtedly one of the best insinuations you should register in as a future healthcare professional.  Both Bashir Dawood and his wife are solely responsible for providing the funds for the running of the organization the students are exposed to state-of-the-art equipment for proper and more comprehensive training.  The students are now given the opportunity to lean via simulated real-life scenarios using VR technology.

Training at this institution is risk-free and this is made possible by the topnotch equipment provided here via the findings gotten from the Dawood Foundation.  The equipping of this institution also contributes to the quality of healthcare services offered here.

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