Need For The O Visa in Vancouver, BC

The O-1 nonimmigrant visa is for individuals who are specialized in the fields of business, arts, athletics, sciences, or education or someone who’s nationally or internationally been recognized for their achievements in the television industry or motion pictures. Before taking an O visa, you must be aware of the essential requirements. Let us know some important criteria needed for getting this visa.

The classification of O non-immigrant is generally referred to as-

O-1A: it is aimed at individuals who have expertise in the fields of sciences, athletics, business, or education (arts, television industry, or motion pictures are not included).

O-1B: it is designed for an individual who has outstanding skills in the field of arts or extraordinary achievements in the motion pictures or television industry (like an Oscar, an Academy Award, or a Grammy).

O-2: it is intended for an individual accompanying an O-1 and has an integral part to play in making the event performed by an O-1 successful. The O-2’s assistance must be an essential part of an O-1’s activity, and it must offer assistance that cannot be provided by a US worker. The recipient of O-2 must have critical skills and some previous experience working with the O-1.

Some essentials of O Visa

The beneficiary must exhibit extraordinary skills by possessing an outstanding national or international achievement to qualify for the O-1 visa and must be coming temporarily to the United States to continue their work in the mentioned area of expertise.

Extraordinary abilities in the fields of sciences, athletics, business, or scholastic mean a significant level of contribution to the particular field and a piece of original evidence to be an indication of the distinction in that specific field.

An outstanding level of skills in the field of arts must be evidenced by a degree of skill of a distinguished reputation that witnesses to the individual to be well-known or renowned.

Qualification for an O Visa in Vancouver, BC requires the beneficiary in the motion pictures or television industry to possess evidence of a degree of recognition that is extraordinary to the extent of being notable or outstandingly prominent.

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