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Proper use of decor and furnishings can make the space look very warm, inviting, and sophisticated. However, it is very important that you use certain methods of furnishing and decorating your space to reduce the chances of the space appearing smaller than it really is. Here are some tips on how to do this.

Choose the right furniture

When shopping for furniture, you may be tempted to choose very elegant and beautiful furniture. However, don’t be so attracted to purchasing furniture that it damages its ability to properly fit your space. What you want to look out for are elegant, but not bulky pieces. Choose multifunctional pieces, like a coffee table that gives you some storage space or a dining table that can be folded into a desk.

Show only the necessary parts

Depending on the exact amount of square foot you have, you may not necessarily have the space to extract everything your heart desires. Since apartments are much smaller than traditional homes, you will have to resist the urge to show everything all at once. This might even mean ditching the coffee table. The minimalist style is best because it will free up space, remove clutter, and make the space look clean and fresh. Displaying just a few key pieces is more attractive and efficient than having an overly decorated and cluttered table.

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Make use of mirrors

Strategically hanging mirrors around your apartment can give you a lot of elegance, as well as light and space. Using mirrors can help reflect and diffuse light around your space, giving it a light, airy and spacious feel. However, it is important to remember not to overdo it with mirrors, as too much reflection can cause you and your guests to feel disoriented and dizzy. 

Use two area rugs

Area rugs can really bring out the dazzle factor of any apartment interior and are a great way to add to your interior design. However, using a rug that is too large can make a room appear smaller. The simple trick to counteract this effect is to use two rugs instead of one, spaced a certain distance apart so that they really help make your apartment look bigger and wider.

Use neutral colors wisely

Using neutral tones throughout the interior of your apartment will give your unit a more spacious feel, as well as being comfortable on the eyes. These types of colors attract crowds and you won’t get bored so quickly. Use bright colors to accentuate some features only, such as pillows or picture frames.

There are many ways to use condo interior design singapore to make your space look bigger and more sophisticated. All you need is a little imagination and careful planning!

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