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Even if at a later time we will decide to restore the bathroom to how it was before the changes, thanks to the fact that the frame can be fixed to the existing floor with silicone, we will not have problems with tiles to change, while for the points where the frame it is fixed to the wall or ceiling, it will be sufficient to fill the holes left by the screws, without leaving any trace handyman packages in Denver.

Although plasterboard is a fairly easy material to work with, as regards the realization of plasterboard works in the bathroom, we recommend that you consult a professional, to avoid having problems with mold later on due to incorrect assembly, or wrong material choices.

One of the most frequent reasons for installing plasterboard in the bathroom, especially in the case of renovations, is given by the fact that it is possible to create insulating cavities from an acoustic point of view: in this way the rooms or rooms with walls bordering the bathroom will hear less all the noises that occur in the bathroom, such as a hairdryer, or someone pulling the water from the toilet, or from the spinning of the washing machine.

This of course will depend on the type of intervention we are going to do: in the event that walls are built up to a certain height, to improve the aesthetics of the bathroom with the presence of steps or niches, clearly the acoustic insulation will be lower.

Robustness for suspended sanitary ware

The plasterboard in the bathroom still allows the use of suspended sanitary ware: in fact the presence of the steel uprights on which the support plates to the sinks and suspended sanitary ware can be fixed, allows to create a modern bathroom with a sure visual impact.

For the assembly of these structures, the presence of drains and the presence of steel uprights must be considered, as the plasterboard alone is not designed to support loads of this type.

Clearly, the construction of walls and the use of plasterboard in the bathroom must be carried out by a professional, to ensure absolute impermeability and the correct use of the materials.

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