Reveal Your Soft Supple Skin By Body Hair Removal

Body hair can be a big reason for numerous people’s low self-esteem. But not anymore. You can quickly get affordable hair removal in Old Bridge Township, NJ. Hair removal reveals your soft and supple skin and gives you a subtle look.

hair removal in Old Bridge Township, NJ

Methods of hair removal

There are various methods of hair removal. Those methods either remove the hair from the surface or the root.

  1. Surface hair removal

This method of hair removal removes hair only from the skin service. The methods are-

  • Shaving

Shaving with razors is among the most popular and affordable hair removal methods. Razors are available in both manual ones and electric ones. This method is quick, inexpensive, and can be done almost daily.

  • Depilatory cream

These creams chemically dissolve body hair at the surface of the skin. This cut-free or injury-free method can slow the hair growth rate.

  1. Root hair removal

Instead of the surface, this hair removal method removes the hair by its roots. The methods include-

  • Plucking

This works by using a tweezer to pull strands of hair from their roots. This method is quite time-consuming; hence is best for the upper lip and eyebrows.

  • Waxing

This method is mainly done by professionals but nowadays can be done at home if the fit is present. Waxing can be hot or cold. And also includes sugar waxing. Waxing, though, hurts for the very first time and has long-lasting results.

  • Epilation

With the help of an epilator device, hair can be removed for 4-5 weeks. The tiny electric rotating tweezers quickly move on the surface, pulling the hair away.

  • Laser or intense pulsated light (IPL)

These treatments are done by professionals and can result in permanent hair removal.

Skin care after hair removal

Skin care after hair removal is an essential step of the hair removal procedure. Pampering your skin after hair removal is important because it prevents the occurrence of any infection, itch, rash, or other irritations.

Moisturising is a crucial element of skincare care. Also, a critical reminder- do not forget to apply your sunscreen.

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